WhatsApp’s new feature allows you to search and find anyone by name

While Telegram seemed years ahead of WhatsApp, the distance is closing by the day, and Meta has upped its game in recent months by adding new features to the messaging app. The latter offers users a more intuitive interface, and we mean nothing more and nothing less than the ability to search and find a username.

And as he discovered WABetaInfoIn its beta version for Android, the WhatsApp app is developing a new option to search for contacts based on username, which reduces the reliance on phone numbers and thus improves the app’s privacy.

As you can see, the search bar shows that you can search for users by their name or phone number. It is not known whether this search is done only through your contact list or globally for all WhatsApp users.

This information has yet to be confirmed, although we believe that if the research is done globally, it will be a double-edged sword. On the other hand, communication between new WhatsApp users is more encouraging, while it is not suitable for people who do not want messages from strangers.

You should know that the option to create a username for a WhatsApp account is also in beta and once it’s stable, you’ll see it in Settings > Profile.

However, as with Telegram at the moment, it has been noted that using a WhatsApp username is optional, and you can even delete it if it has already been created.

As we mentioned earlier, this new option to search contacts by username is in beta, although we believe it won’t take long to reach the stable version of WhatsApp.

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