Check your phone settings to see if this app is installed and quickly remove it

Although it may not seem like it, and despite good reviews and millions of downloads, there are a lot of malicious apps spying on your device, whether it’s from the Google Play Store, the App Store, or independent websites.

Continue reading below to find out the name of the app we’re concerned about today. It can take different forms so you can remove them and reduce the risks of your device.

The app in question is called Spyhide, an app that has compromised 60,000 devices and could be hiding on your smartphone. According to the report, a phone monitoring app called Spyhide was developed in Iran and secretly collects users’ private information from Android devices around the world.

What happens is that this application not only has an “official” purpose, but also sends all the information it collects from the victim to its servers, or what means the same, it is a malicious application.

The app is silent and stores contacts, messages, photos, call logs, phone recordings and the location of the victim in real time, delivered to the user who secretly installed the app and then to the app’s servers.

Apparently, the developer of the app was not disclosed anywhere on the website, but Arson’s investigation revealed that they are Iranian developers, and Techcrunch found that the servers where all the data is hosted are from the German hosting provider Hetzner.

As for the disguise that Spyhide uses to hide itself, it usually presents itself to the victim as a Google app called “Google Settings” or a ringtone app called “T.Ringtone” that includes a music ringtone icon as shown in the image.

So go to your phone settings and check if you have any of these apps on your device so you can remove them immediately as this is a sign that they are spying on you.

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