5 important features that have arrived on WhatsApp in the last few days

We tell you the best WhatsApp news of the last few days. Some time ago, the app started adding new features to both its beta and stable iOS and Android versions. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top features that have arrived recently.

Below is a list of all the news that have arrived on WhatsApp in the last few days in the beta version of iOS, Android and desktop version. As well as some details that have also arrived as a stable version that can be found in the App Store, the main feature of which is the ability to log in by email.

While we’ve seen most of the new features in WhatsApp for iOS and Android betas, they’re also worth mentioning because we might see a lot of them in the future, as we’ve done in the past, and many changes like the new design have already been enjoyed as it gradually spreads . . These are the most significant changes in recent days:

1- In Android beta version, it was discovered that WhatsApp will soon have an option that allows owners with a frozen channel to request a comment review and delete it.

2 – Regarding the previous update, Android beta found that when the owner of a frozen channel requests a review, they can specify the reason for the request.

3- Thanks to Android beta version, it was found that the application adds a function to display profile information in our chats, making it easier for our contacts to see the changes we made to your account.

4- On the other hand, in the beta version of iOS 23.24.70, the possibility to log in via our email was found, which is already available in the App Store version and which is being gradually integrated.

5- In iOS beta, some users can try a new shortcut that opens chats with an AI bot.

No doubt there is a good list of new features that Meta is working on for WhatsApp. Perhaps the most interesting thing is the possibility that in the future we won’t need friends to talk in the app thanks to artificial intelligence. We’ll be sure to let you know when all these features become available.

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