7 New Android Games You Should Try and Don’t Ignore

Every week, new free games arrive in the Google Store, and so that you don’t go crazy trying them all, we periodically select the best ones and offer them for you to try.

That’s why we have selected for you this week a total of 7 new Android games that have arrived on the Google Play Store in the last few weeks.

– KartRider: Drift

One of the new games on the Google Play Store that we recommend you try is KartRider: Drift, which is a fun car racing game that has a large variety of different characters and vehicles to choose from and has several different tracks, each one adding more. authentic than the previous one.

In addition, you will never get bored with this game because it has two very entertaining game modes:

Speed ​​Mode: In this mode, you can’t let go of the gas pedal and you have to master your skating to improve your skills.

Object mode: In this mode you have to go collect all kinds of unique objects in chaotic and amazing races

Dead God Land: Zombie Games 3D

If you want to relax for a while and kill a few zombies, be sure to try Zombies Revenge – Stolen Lands, an entertaining game where you have to protect your village called New Zealand from the attacks of zombies who want to steal it. , heal it and go back to rebuilding the destroyed neighboring villages. Destroy it.

To guide you through this post-apocalyptic scenario, you have the help of three villagers: BOB, who tells you exactly what to do, Zelda, who supplies you with the weapons you need, and Revard, who supplies you with food and supplies. you need

– Tap Tap Riding

It’s a simple and relaxing game where you have to overcome a tough training session in the gym to become the fastest cyclist in the world.

In this fun game you have to collect bike parts to increase your speed and challenge new opponents to level up. In addition, this game gives you the opportunity to get different bikers like cowboy, chef, policeman, batman, messenger or ninja and it is available in several languages.

– Jewels Crush – Jewel Legend

The last game on this list is Jewels Crush – Jewel Legend, an addictive game in the style of the famous Candy Crush where you have to match three or four jewels of the same color to reach the goals of the different levels.

There is no time limit for any level of this game and every day you can play roulette to win rich prizes.

– Domino Dreams

The sixth game on this list is Domino Dreams, an entertaining domino game where you have to run out of Dominoes in your hand to solve a series of challenging puzzles.

As you progress through the game, you get more coins and unlock new levels, each one more complicated than the last.

– Cat’s snack bar

If you like cat games, you can’t stop trying Cat Snack Bar, an entertaining simulator where you have to manage a charming cat restaurant.

In this game you take care of everything as you have to take orders, cook and of course serve food.

– The word Savior

If you like word games, you’ll love Word Savior, a fun game where you have to match letters to form words to free a bunch of animals that need your help.

As you progress through the game, the puzzles become more and more difficult, but don’t worry, every level in this game has an unlimited number of attempts, so you can try to solve them as many times as you want.

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