Google Bard is a scam. Be careful not to download it

Google Bard is Google’s artificial intelligence that aims to catch up with ChatGPT. Currently, it can only be accessed from a browser, which automates previously time-consuming operations. From creating images to generating code, finding accurate information, getting summaries in seconds and even planning trips.

All in all, there is something important that you should know: Google Bard is not yet available in any app store. In fact, if you see an ad that says otherwise, run away from it because it’s malware. Google itself filed complaints about various social networking sites promoting the supposed app.

According to Google’s claim, scammers have created various groups on Facebook to promote the Google Bard app. Groups like AIGoogleBard And Google AI And AIGoogle Bard FB It serves ads from the app, and users transfer its download link to a Google Drive file. Its absence from the Google Play Store should be a red flag.

However, thousands of users fall into the trap and install this app. What the malware does, once the app is installed on your device, is to steal your social media account login information, as well as embed various malicious ads. This whole unsafe environment can cause real problems like losing accounts and even giving hackers access to your personal information.

The scammers seem to be in Vietnam. With this step, Google filed more than 300 complaints against these scam sites. The important thing here is that you know that Google hasn’t released any apps using its own AI, and Bard can only be accessed from a browser this link. So beware of downloading apps that claim to be Google Bard.

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