This new free app lets you create attractive profile pictures using artificial intelligence

Dream by Wombo, with more than 10 million downloads and the power of artificial intelligence as the leading app, has been named the best app on Google Play in 2022. Now its creators have decided to try their luck with a new free app that allows you to create a profile. images with artificial intelligence.

Following the success of Dream by Wombo, an AI-powered app that only requires a thought to produce original works of art, comes Wombo Me. Launched by the same creators, this new app can turn a selfie into an AI-generated avatar in seconds.

While it’s true that you can create animated avatars on WhatsApp, and there are other popular AI avatar apps out there like Lensa AI, this app aims to go one step further. According to Wombo CEO Ben-Zion Benkhin in an interview conducted by Wombo TechCrunchWombo Me offers its users a better user experience than other applications.

For this purpose, you don’t need to send 200 selfies and wait a few minutes to create your avatar, because Wombo Me only needs one selfie and a few moments of waiting to create 10 realistic avatars. Of course, they ask that the photo is full frontal and well lit, avoiding shadow areas, and that the eyes are closed and accessories such as glasses or a hat go out.

The best part is that you can not only create normal and normal avatars, but you can also become your favorite superhero or a celebrity you admire. As if that’s not enough, you have the chance to see what you’d look like with the opposite sex, with the latest makeup trends, with a different hairstyle…etc.

You can save the image by clicking the green mark or reject it with the red X, which you can also easily do by moving the image left or right. Also, when you receive your creation, you can share it with your friends on social networks or save it to use as a profile picture on any social media.

According to the company itself, Wombo Me plans to create multimedia identities for users in the future, which can be used to produce dance videos or interact with friends. To do this, they ask users to submit 10- or 20-second audio and video clips of themselves moving their heads in a certain way.

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