You probably have an app installed on your phone to remind you of your friends’ birthdays and important appointments

If you’re one of those people who forget important dates, a new feature in Google Contacts will help you out.

Thanks to the latest update, you will not only be able to schedule important dates related to your contacts, but it will also help you remember them.

With the help of Google contacts, we can add the dates of birth of our contacts. This way we don’t have to rely on other apps to always display this information.

Now the Google team is enhancing this dynamic with a new reminder feature. The new option lets you write down your contacts’ birthdays, but also lets you create reminders for any important date so that the app reminds you of it.

– How to create reminders in Google Contacts

You can create reminders for any event related to the user in each contact’s file. They can serve as typical reminders for birthdays or anniversaries, or you can write down other activities.

For example, you can create a reminder for the next dinner you have with that contact, when to call them back, or remember to follow up on a certain topic, among other possibilities.

In each reminder, you will see different configuration options. For example, when you want to receive reminders on your mobile phone or app for the corresponding day, 2 days before, 7 days before and up to 2 weeks before.

Of course, you can choose more than one option to have the Google Contacts app remind you of an appointment or date at different time intervals. An interesting detail is that all the dates you add to the contacts will also appear in the calendar, although this dynamic doubles the notifications.

-application: Google contacts

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