How to change the look of your Android phone to iPhone 15 Pro Max by adding a new function button

At the beginning of last month, Apple released the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models, each with a new design and theme. If you have an Android phone and want to run the latest iOS 17 that appears on these new iPhone 15 phones, you have several ways to do this thanks to the many tools that the Google Play Store offers us.

Android users always brag about the many customization options their phones offer, and one of the most popular customizations every time Apple introduces new phones is to mimic the look and feel of its rival operating system: iOS. With the release of iOS 17, Apple has introduced a small design change, a move to a sleeker and more modern interface, which many Android users find very attractive.

While Android itself offers a high level of customization, the following trick tells you how to make your phone run Android as if it were the new iPhone 15.

– Use a launcher based on iOS 17

Launchers offer a variety of themes to meet all the customization needs of users. Some are inspired by modern, expensive phones and, as in this case, the latest iPhones.

This theme is perfect for Android users who want an experience close to what the iPhone 15 offers on their phones. It’s an app that changes the look, notification center, and control center to give your device a stylish look while giving you access to features like airplane mode, Bluetooth, calculator, Wi-Fi, and more like the iPhone 15.

It also allows you to customize the home screen UI elements to resemble iPhone apps. Best of all, it’s fast, super lightweight, and unlike other options, it doesn’t have a huge impact on your smartphone’s performance. Of course, you can download it without paying a single dollar.

– Link: iOS Launcher – iPhone 15 Theme

– New function button on iPhone 15

Apple didn’t invent anything, and the ability to customize a button to match our actions has been hidden in Android for years. Just use the Key Mapper app to assign additional functions to any physical button on your phone. So even without a separate “function” button, we can use it to do the same thing as the new iPhone 15 Pro, but with any of the buttons already on the phone, like the power and volume buttons.

– After installing the application, configure it as follows:

– On the main screen of the application, click the plus sign icon in the lower middle area.

– Now press the red record button and press the volume up or down button.

– In the next screen, change the option from short press to long press or double press.

– Last but not least, select Actions at the top of the screen and then tap Add Action to select the action you want.

– Link: Key Mapper

– You can also customize it greatly by adding a dynamic island to it, as we explained in this article: The arrival of the first app on Google Play to add to your phone, regardless of its type, the feature with which Apple caused a huge sensation on the iPhone

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