A site that tells you if your phone will get Android 14, its compatible versions and the expiration date of your phone’s updates

The pros and cons of buying an Android phone are that there is a wide range of devices to choose from. Because this way we can find the perfect mobile phone for our needs. We say it’s bad because this fragmentation and lack of Android updates has been a major problem with the platform practically since its inception.

Unlike iPhones, not all current phones get an update at the same time when a new version of the Android operating system comes out. Since each brand has its own modified version of the system (either with a layer of customization or software changes), users are dependent on the company.

In addition, each manufacturer offers different support for their devices. Some promise up to 4 years of Android updates, while others don’t even have a clear policy in this regard and change with every new mobile release. It can be difficult for a regular Android user to know if your phone can be updated to the latest version or if the phone you bought is being updated.

With the upcoming arrival of Android 14, many users should be asking themselves the same question: Can I upgrade or stay with Android 13? To answer this question, a new project called Android Update Tracker was created, which collects information from manufacturers about their plans to update their devices.

The site was created by a community of Android users who, due to the negativity in the industry, decided to create what should have always been there: an easy and simple way to check for Android updates. It’s basically a database of devices and the Android versions they’ve received and will receive; Although the site’s creators warn that this latest information may contain errors, many manufacturers do not publish their future plans.

However, it is a very useful site for anyone who wants to stay up to date with Android updates. The site has a complete list of devices from different brands, from the most popular ones like Samsung and Google to lesser known ones like Fairphone or Tecno; There is also no shortage of Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO and Honor. We can simply type in the device list and search for your phone or use the integrated search engine. On the main page we also see a list of updates with the latest updated devices and a list of manufacturers.

For example, I’m looking for a Galaxy S21 and the site tells me that Samsung promised that the phone will get updates up to Android 15. This is the last and final update to the phone’s Android system.

– Link Android Update Tracker

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