Be very careful.. This virus will reach you soon and steal all your money in your bank account

The truth is that Android malware is becoming an increasingly serious problem. Today we have to report about a new malware called FjordPhantom that can infect your device.

The report came from security firm Protom, which discovered the existence of this new Android malware that has started attacking users’ phones in Southeast Asia, but will soon reach phone users in other parts of the world.

As we said, it has currently attacked countries like Singapore and Malaysia, but it has already been detected in other countries. On top of that, they’ve already managed to steal the equivalent of around $261,000 from a single victim, so this is clearly a serious risk.

But how does FjordPhantom work? Well, it has a special mechanism as it currently focuses on a specific bank, but later it will target all types of banking apps regardless of community or country.

A strange Android virus attacks applications using virtualization. Spread through text messages, email or messaging apps, the virus arrives in the form of an app to trick the user. Its mechanism is well-known: it pretends to be your bank’s application, although it works in a virtual environment with other components that allow it to attack you and steal your money.

It can even manipulate accessibility services, Google Play services and user interface to drain your bank account.

Once loaded, it infects the device and launches a tampering attack. In this attack, cybercriminals pretend to be part of your bank’s customer service to guide you in launching the app. The problem is that this malware saves all the information to get your bank ID.

We are so afraid of facing a new potential danger to our devices, and worst of all, we can’t help but be very careful. We’re in a situation where malware is even on Google Play, so you shouldn’t trust it at all. the best solution? Only download verified apps that have a lot of positive reviews.

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