4 New and Very Useful Apps for Android Not Found on Google Play

From time to time we like to look for hidden gems outside of Google Play in the form of Android apps and games that are not distributed through the official store. And now we are again looking for other apps which are not available in Google Store but which are very profitable.

– Sing

Very useful app but not very well known and not available on Google Play. Canta allows you to remove pre-installed apps (bloatware) from Android phones without needing to get root or super user rights.

The tool allows you to select all the applications installed on the operating system that you want to remove and get rid of them in seconds. To run, the app needs Shizuku, one of the most useful Android apps.

– Smartspacer

This app offers a customizable option as it adds integration with many third-party services and apps to make the tool even more useful. It has a total of 20 extensions or add-ons that allow you to display information about many applications on the screen.

Additionally, this new app will also show you incoming notifications, weather information, remaining battery on your smartphone and connected devices, and your mobile data usage this month, among other options.


With this app you can save money. How? Just write down what you spend each day so you are aware of all your expenses and where your money is going. You can easily set a budget and know how much you have left to reach your goal.

The app is free and very carefully designed, based on the design principles of Google’s Material You app.

– Obtainium

If you have many apps installed on your mobile phone and you haven’t downloaded them from Google Play, you need Obtainium. It’s a tool that searches and finds the latest versions of these apps, so you can always keep them up to date.

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