Find the words and win in this free game

There are times during the day when we need a quick distraction. Mobile games have become the kings of this because they provide quick entertainment without having to delve into a long and complex story like many video games do.

This is how classic pastimes such as word searches, crosswords, etc. have become digital and have become favorites among many.

Today we bring you a very special page to help you find words that are perfect for those moments when time seems to pass slowly.

Among the casual games are word search games, which consist of forming said words through the letters given to the player. This is exactly what Alphabet Sorcery offers us.

But what exactly is it? This is a website that allows users to play the well-known word-building game with only seven letters.

The scoring system is one point for each sub-word, and the longer the word, the more points for each letter, with seven points being the maximum score that can be obtained.

The game is more than just playing against yourself, you can invite your friends or people around the world to play a group game, and the winner is the one who creates the most words and collects the most points.

Currently it can only be used in English and German, but it can be a great tool if you want to learn vocabulary or if you just need a game to pass the time.

– Link Alphabet magic

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