Elon Musk responds to Hamas’s invitation to visit the Gaza Strip by refusing

Elon Musk refused to visit the Gaza Strip due to its dangerous situation when he was invited by Hamas to visit the Strip.

Musk was responding to businessman Walter Bloomberg’s X publication, in which he reported that Hamas had invited Musk to visit Gaza. “It looks a little dangerous right now, but I think Gaza will be prosperous in the long term and beneficial to all parties involved,” Musk replied.

The billionaire visited Israel on November 27 and met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog. After visiting Kibbutz Kfar Azza, which was attacked by Hamas on October 7, he agreed with Netanyahu that Israel had no choice but to end the resistance movement and expressed his desire to help Israel disarm and remove extremist elements from the Gaza Strip after the ongoing incident. war. .

His trip to Israel came after Musk was accused of anti-Semitism for his controversial response to an X message about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel launched an air and ground offensive against Palestinians in Gaza after the Islamic resistance movement Hamas led an attack on Israeli army barracks and settlements around Gaza on 7 October. The resistance movements crossed the nominal borders into the occupying state and took about 240 hostages. Haaretz has since revealed that IDF helicopters and tanks killed many of the 1,200 soldiers and civilians Israel claims were killed by Hamas.

Since then, the occupation state has killed more than 15,000 Palestinians in Gaza, including 6,150 children and 4,000 of them women. More than 36,000 people were injured as a result of the Israeli attack, and it is believed that at least 7,000 people were buried under the rubble of their homes destroyed by Israeli bombs.

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