How to change your phone location to any other country to use it in Pokemon Go or any other game.. MocPOGO Location Change

Previously, Pokémon Go was a real revolution in the world of mobile games. We have to admit that it still maintains its audience and constantly attracts new players. All thanks to the fact that its developers fulfilled the dream of many fans of the fantasy world: they literally brought fantastic and funny monsters to life, adding them to our world with the help of augmented reality technology! The game motivates players to hit the streets with a burning desire to find, catch and collect their powerful Pokemon collection. To do this, all you need to do is arm yourself with a GPS-enabled smartphone and walk around the city looking for these amazing creatures in parks, playgrounds or your neighbor’s yard. They can appear anywhere and anytime, because you never know where you’ll find new Pokémon. The key is to catch him before he escapes.

This is what the basic mechanics of Pokémon Go look like. The popular game has spread around the world, but there are agreements that impose certain restrictions on certain countries and regions. This is related to the location of the players, as Pokémon are unevenly distributed in different locations. That is, players who live in big cities have a much better chance of finding Pokemon than those who live in cities with more or less no interesting places and attractions.

It is worth noting that another disadvantage of the game concerns cases with the ability to move. For example, players can guess that a large number of different Pokemon live in a big city like New York, but they can’t get there because they live in another city or even another country, that is, they can’t get there for certain reasons. . What should we do with contracts that result from such restrictions?

There are several options to solve these problems. One of the most effective ways is to change your location to a fake one. In other words, you have to trick the GPS somehow. Since mobile systems don’t offer this option directly, there are third-party tools that allow you to do it in minutes, such as MocPOGO Location Changer.

With this program you can “fake” your location Pokemon Go Spoofer iOS . It hides your real location and shows another location that you define yourself. The system then allows you to override the position signal and change it to the specified signal. Simply put, by spoofing your location with the program, you can teleport to any location with many different Pokemon. Also, other players have to physically get there, while you can move around while sitting at home, at work, or wherever!

The first step you take is Download MocPOGO Location Changer We’ll leave you a link at the end of the post.

Once the software download process is complete, just follow three steps to spoof your location from one location to another.

The first step you take is to download MocPOGO Location Changer and we’ll leave you the link at the bottom of the post.

– After the software download process is complete, follow the three steps to spoof your location from one location to another.

– First open the program and press start to get to the map.

– The second step is that on the opening screen, connect your phone to the computer and select IOS if your phone is iPhone and Android if your phone is.

– After that your phone name will appear, select it and press NEXT as shown

– Now open the Pokemon game on your phone and then change your geographical location in the game by following the below step

The third and final step is to change the location by selecting the desired location on the map and confirming it.

– Fourth step, you will see “GO” option on the map, click on it and your location will be transferred to this place.

After completing these steps, your iOS device will be moved to the location you specified.

The program offers two custom path planning methods. This feature is ideal for location-based games. Now you can play the game in the comfort of your home as if you were somewhere else in the world, because you can easily determine the locations of single and multiple points.

This way you can also play any location-based game, even if the game is geo-blocked in your region, you can enjoy it by pretending to be another country’s location where it is available.

To learn more about all the steps we’ve outlined above, watch this video

– Link: MocPOGO Location Changer / MocPOGO Pokemon Go Spoofer

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