Now you can check any APK file to see if it contains a virus using Telegram. Here’s how to do it

Downloading an app from outside the Google Play Store is usually stressful because we fear that we might harm our devices by accidentally downloading malware. That’s why this time we bring you VirusTotal bot on Telegram, which allows you to analyze an APK file before installing it.

Previously, in other articles, we talked to you about VirusTotal, an online platform that allows you to analyze a URL or file and tell you whether it contains some kind of virus or not. So, if you are going to download the APK file or you are already ready to install it, but you want to make sure that it is completely safe, just use the VirusTotal online platform and if the analysis goes well, you can continue with it safely. installation.

Telegram’s new VirusTotal bot lets you analyze any APK you want to install and tells you if there are any risks or not. Don’t worry if you haven’t used a Telegram bot before, the process is really simple.

Telegram bot looks quite similar to chat, so its behavior changes because the bot is automated. In other words, it is programmed to give certain types of responses or perform certain actions based on the interaction. In this case, you can start using the VirusTotal bot in Telegram as follows:

– Enter Telegram and go to the magnifying glass icon.

– Find the bot by typing VirusTotal in the search field.

– Select the option that says Robot at the bottom and contains a profile picture that we will show you in image format.

– Now, in the chat with the bot, press start and then press the paperclip icon to send the file you want to analyze.

– Click on the option that says File.

– Find and select the APK file to analyze.

– Wait a few minutes for the file to load and the bot to scan it. You will probably see a notification asking you to join other Telegram groups. Ignore it and click on the last option.

– And that’s all, a full analysis of the file should appear, if it says something like “Findings: 0 / 59”, it means that the APK is safe.

On the other hand, if the number of virus detections increases, your file probably contains malware. In this case, we recommend that you avoid installing this APK and look for it elsewhere. Some sources you know are safe, like APK Mirror for example.

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