Google officially selects the best apps and games of 2023. The first winning app is important and not known to people

As it usually happens every year around this time, before the beginning of December, Google has shared a list of the best Android apps of 2023, where you can find both apps launched this year and other older apps that have received a big boost and updates all the way to 2023.

Next, we list the Android apps that Google considers the best in 2023, which is already coming to an end.

In fact, Google’s best Android app may be completely unknown to most users. This is it”After: Learn visually“, an educational app that aims to revolutionize the way we learn more about the world around us. Its biggest asset is lessons of up to two minutes on topics such as psychology, technology or finance.

Alternatively, the best Android game of 2023 may be more popular: Honkai: Star Rail. It is the newest game till date developed by miHoYo. So the expectations were very high for it to be the best game of the year, but all indications are that they were able to meet those expectations thanks to the incredible graphics and a great story with many “anime” style characters.

In addition to the Google Awards, the company also released user-selected awards. It should come as no surprise that it is the best app of 2023 according to users ChatGPT , although the official app for the AI-based service wasn’t released to everyone until recently. But 2023 was the year the average user discovered the possibilities of AI thanks to ChatGPT, so it makes sense that this app wins. Interestingly, Google doesn’t think ChatGPT is that good because it only got an “honorable mention” in the Best AI Apps category, which was eventually won by ChatGPT. Character AI: AI-Powered Chat.

On the other hand, the best game of the year according to users is Monopoly Go! , the latest version of the popular board game adapted for mobile phones. This is one of those games that is best enjoyed with friends and family, so it’s no surprise that this online multiplayer version has been so successful.

One of the award categories most encouraged by Google is the Best “Multi-Device” App category; This means it is an essential app on our mobile phones, computers, tablets and smart TVs. In this case, the application won Spotify With the best app, remote control functions and continuous listening between different devices, while the game won OUTERPLANE – Strategy anime As the best game management function for computers and foldable mobile phones.

Other notable winners include Paw Patrol Academy Best app for families and app Max Official as the best app for Google TV and app Amazon Prime Video As the best application for cars andWhatsApp The best app for watches.

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