Don’t rely on QR codes to connect to WiFi. This is how they can trick you

QR codes have become very popular in recent years. You can find them practically anywhere, as they are located in street monuments, restaurants and even libraries and other places where you can connect to a wireless network. Is the latter safe now? We’ll talk about the problems you might encounter if you connect to a WiFi network using a QR code you found somewhere.

Today, you can easily connect by scanning a QR code configured with WiFi network information. You don’t have to enter the password one number at a time. This makes things much easier logically, but it also raises some security issues.

– The dangers of establishing a Wi-Fi connection via QR

But why could it pose a security risk? We need to explain what is Qishing or Phishing with QR. Basically, attackers use the fake code they create to redirect you to a fraudulent page or install software or download a file containing a virus.

And yes, this can affect you when you decide to connect to a Wi-Fi network using a QR code. You might find a fake code posted in a bar or public place and decide to scan it to connect. The reality now is that you end up on a page where they can ask you for personal information or download a file, for example.

You might think that this is necessary to establish a network connection. You may have decided to enter your information or download a file that appears. But of course, since it’s a scam, you’ll be giving away your personal information to hackers. Likewise, if you download a file, it may be a virus and infect your computer or phone.

In fact, hackers are increasingly using so-called Qishing, which is the creation of fake QR codes. We have seen many cases where the menus of restaurants or the details of a tourist spot have been faked. But they can also do the same thing with QR codes to connect you to WiFi.

– Avoid trouble

It is always best to keep common sense and not make mistakes. If you connect to WiFi this way, make sure the QR code is genuine and never provide personal information or download additional files. It could be a fake page and they simply steal your information without you even realizing it.

It is also important that the devices are well prepared for protection. For this, you can rely on a good antivirus program. If you download a malicious file, this antivirus can detect and delete it automatically. It is also a good idea to update the device and thus fix any vulnerabilities.

In short, when you want to connect to a Wi-Fi network using a QR code, it’s important to remember that it can be a trap. Logically speaking, in most cases it is not serious; But this method of attack is to trick you.

This method allows you to replace the Wi-Fi password with a QR code to speed up connection to your network

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