Is it safe to talk on the phone or play while charging? Warning from two Chinese companies

Today we’re going to tackle a question you’ve probably never asked yourself. Is it safe to talk on the phone while charging? All companies work hard to show the safety of their smartphones and the low probability of anything serious happening to the batteries. Now two Chinese companies have issued a warning: making a call while your mobile phone is charging is more dangerous than you think.

They warn about something that almost no one takes into account: it is not recommended to talk on the phone while charging. Today’s smartphones have very efficient chargers and something is likely to go wrong when they are used while charging.

When the smartphone starts charging, it heats up and the internal temperature rises. If you take any action, it will only increase the temperature rise. Nothing should happen, but if something goes wrong, it happens when the temperature is higher and the device performs more complex functions.

Why call about the worst case scenario when you’re charging your phone? It’s not hard to guess: your phone is glued to your face. This is probably the worst case scenario where a smartphone can explode in your face.

If the call doubles the odds, you don’t want to imagine what a strong play will do. It is very common for users to charge their smartphones to play so that the battery does not run out. Again, not recommended.

Any current game will increase the temperature of your mobile phone, which can be a good reason for your current smartphone to catch fire. Yes, again, it’s highly unlikely, but it’s best to avoid this practice to protect yourself against all eventualities.

It is also important that overheating of the mobile phone shortens the life of the battery faster or even the heat damages the internal parts of the device. And yes, as we said, the battery can explode if the temperature is high.

Experts advise turning off the cell phone while it charges, or if you have to keep it on, don’t touch it or use it very lightly until it’s fully charged.

Now you have the knowledge of two security, technology and fire companies: It’s best not to play games or make calls while your smartphone is charging.

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