Add a trash can icon next to the clock and empty or open it with two taps

The Recycle Bin in Windows is essential, especially if you delete a lot of files, because when you click the Delete option, the files are not deleted forever, but there is an option to recover any file if it has been accidentally deleted. If you use the trash can a lot, we offer you this tool to quickly access it and empty it in two clicks.

MiniBin is free and offers more options to manage the trash directly from the taskbar. Install the tool from the link at the bottom of the post, and once installed, a mini icon will be added to the trash can next to the clock on the taskbar. Drag the icon and place it on the fixed icons up. arrow button for easy access.

You will notice that the MiniBin icon reflects the percentage of the bin

By default, the Recycle Bin is emptied when you double-click the icon. To change this, right-click the MiniBin icon, select Icon Double-Click Action from the Configure menu, and then select Open. the trash can appears when you double-click the icon.

When you move the mouse over the icon, you can see the size of the files in the basket.

– a tool MiniBin

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