9 of the best brand new apps that have arrived on Google Play in the last few days. I recommend downloading at least 4 of them

If you are one of those who usually dive into the Google Play Store from time to time in search of new free apps for all kinds of Android, you are in the right place, because today we have selected for you the best free apps that have arrived in the Google Store in recent weeks.

On this occasion, we present to you 9 free Android apps that have only been on Google Play for a short time, but are worth a chance.

– Image Converter – JPG/JPEG/PNG

The first new Android app to try is Image Converter, a simple tool that lets you convert any image to formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, and PDF.

Image Converter is a completely free application with no ads or in-app purchases that you can download completely free of charge.

– Live Weather Radar Launcher

It’s a weather-focused Android app launcher that lets you access live weather radar, forecast maps, weekly weather data, air quality index and more with a right swipe from your mobile home screen.

But that’s not all, because this launcher also has a practical search bar, through which you can quickly open any application you have installed and search for all kinds of information on the web.

– Workout Fusion

If you’re looking for a free app for working out at home, you should try Workout Fusion, an Android fitness app powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning that precisely tracks and guides your movements using your mobile device’s camera. In real time, so you can perform the different exercises of the program correctly.

In this sense, in addition to the availability of a good number of training programs prepared by experts in the field, the application allows you to create a custom program so that you can create a program that perfectly adapts to your physical level and goals.

– Studio recorder

If you tend to have a lot of video call meetings via Zoom, you should try Studio Recorder, a handy free app that is responsible for recording video and audio of meeting participants and hosts in the highest possible resolution.

Thanks to this app, you can always get, download and import Zoom meeting recordings to edit with any video editing software.

– AI Language Chat Partner

If you’re thinking of learning a new language, but apps like Duolingo don’t convince you, we suggest you try this app, an AI-powered chatbot that focuses on language learning and is compatible with multiple languages ​​such as Arabic, Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese or German, Chinese or in Korean.

This application puts a chatbot at your disposal with which you can chat in the language of your choice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and thus learn a new language in the most natural way possible.

– iConNet – WiFi Works with CTS

It is a complete application that allows you to create, manage and monitor your Wi-Fi network quickly and easily.

The application is free, without ads or in-app purchases, you can download it from the direct link to the Google Play Store that we leave for you below.

– Launcher iOS 18

If you usually customize the home screen of your Android device and like the aesthetics of iOS, you should try Launcher iOS 18, an Android app launcher that turns your smartphone into an iPhone with iOS 18.

Thus, thanks to this launcher, you can have all the elements of the iPhone operating system on your Android device, such as the control center, settings panel, Lock screen or music player.

– DoughNest | Money manager

If numbers aren’t your thing, we recommend trying DoughNest, a free app that helps you manage your personal finances by categorizing your income and expenses and creating a report on them.

– Mindo – quick reminders

A useful app that prevents you from forgetting tasks, as it allows you to quickly create reminders by writing a simple text message, which you can also enhance by using a variety of emoticons.

In addition, Mindo allows you to set a timer for each reminder, which you can quickly edit directly from the notification displayed in the quick action panel of your Android phone.

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