3 changes you should make to your debit card to maximize security

Debit card fraud can affect many people. It doesn’t matter if you buy a lot online or rarely use them… in fact, just using them once in a bad place can be enough for them to steal your money. That’s why we show you 3 basic points that you can take into account to avoid problems and protect your bank card as well as possible. It’s something you can do no matter what bank you use.

If they clone your card, they can make fraudulent payments. They can also steal information when you make a purchase online, through a malicious page or on an unsecured network, and charge inconsistent fees. Managing safety issues, setting and adjusting boundaries is essential.

– Protect your card

Card payments are safe, at least on a general level, but there can always be security gaps, mistakes we make or factors beyond our control that can cause data to be stolen. You can always reduce risks and protect yourself from various attacks.

– Disable the magnetic tape

A very useful tip is to disable the card’s magnetic stripe. It allows them to clone your card and make payments as if it were you. Most banks have this protection option, so you can disable it and protect your card at least in this part.

Remember that paying with a magnetic stripe is practically non-existent these days. You don’t need it. In addition, MasterCard has already announced that its new cards will soon come without this now-obsolete magnetic stripe.

– Set a limit

Another important recommendation is to set a card limit. You can set this limit for ATM withdrawals or purchases from physical or online stores. This protects you in case someone steals your card and makes fraudulent charges because they exceed this limit and cannot steal more than this amount.

If you also need to make a larger one-time payment, you can always go to the bank’s app or website and increase the limit for a certain period of time. You make this payment and then lower the limit again to always have extra protection and avoid security issues.

– Activate geolocation

This feature prevents them from using your card at certain locations. Ideally, if you want maximum protection, you only allow card payments in the country you’re in. Of course, if you are going abroad, be sure to disable this feature and you won’t face any problems.

Other banks go even further and provide geolocation based on the location of your mobile phone (where you have the banking app installed). For example, if your card is stolen and you try to pay 500 kilometers away from your mobile phone location, they will reject it because it might be suspicious.

In short, these are some options to protect yourself from bank card theft. The goal is to reduce possible damage as much as possible. Preparing for such situations can be helpful by making a few changes.

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