Google Chrome stops working on millions of Android phones. Check if this affects you

Google Chrome will stop working on your device if you don’t meet some basic requirements. Yes, the Google browser app can no longer be used on some mobile phones. The reason for this is the requirements of the latest version of Google Chrome, which reduces the list of compatible devices.

The situation is not new, constantly updated applications have compatibility limitations. In the case of Google Chrome, version 120, which will be released at the beginning of 2024, is the one that will mark the beginning of the tragedy, because it will not be compatible with millions of Android phones.

Those from Google have commented Posted on their official blog The use of Google Chrome version 120 requires that only mobile phones running Android 8 or higher are compatible with this version.

Until now, the limit was set by Android 7, which is compatible with Google Chrome version 119. The change not only affects Google Chrome, but also the Google Calendar app, which has this new compatibility limit.

Google has made a decision that is expected to affect many Android phones. The only positive is that the previous versions still work properly, although you won’t be able to enjoy all the new features that the company offers for both the Chrome and Calendar apps.

This migration of Google Chrome and Google Calendar will likely affect some mobile devices in your home, and the only thing you can do is to stop using older versions of both apps, switch devices, or update your phone to a newer version of Android than Android 8.

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