The OnePlus 12 phone broke the AnTuTu record as the most powerful phone to date

Ever since we started learning about its features a few days ago, the launch of the OnePlus 12 has become one of the most anticipated events in the mobile phone market. And if we only know a little bit about this phone, we now have another reason to wait for its arrival: it has achieved the highest AnTuTu score in history.

Today, thanks to leaks from spokespersons or the brands themselves, the surprise factor in a new product launch has been completely forgotten. Well, as for the next flagship phone from the Chinese brand OnePlus, in addition to the specifications, release date and possible price of this smartphone, we now also know the impressive score achieved by the OnePlus 12 on AnTuTu: 2,333,033 points, as reported by Digital Chat Station. This is probably the highest score ever recorded on AnTuTu, a “benchmark” tool that tells us how strong the hardware is through internal tests.

More specifically, this score gives 533,566 points for CPU, 904,961 points for GPU, 538,511 points for MEM, and finally 355,995 points for user experience (UX). In addition, AnTuTu highlights the efficient evaporative cooling of the new OnePlus 12, which is a key factor in achieving this excellent performance.

On the other hand, the head of OnePlus China, Louis Jie, commented that the company has collaborated with gaming chipset manufacturers and developers to improve the OnePlus 12’s gaming performance. In other words, they’ve tested games like Genshin. several hours, ensuring maximum smoothness and stability.

Like we said, we’ll have to wait until next Monday, December 4, to find out what details we’ll be missing from the OnePlus 12 when it’s officially unveiled in China.

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