Google WhatsApp reaches over a billion users… 7 new features coming to celebrate

Google Messages is Google’s WhatsApp because it has millions of users, performs a similar function to the Meta app, and has similar functions; In addition, it allows you to view your text messages from your computer. It recently hit one billion users and to celebrate it released 7 new features, some of which are already available and some of which will be available soon.

Below is a list of all the new features that have arrived in Google Messages:

– Photomoji:

Photomoji lets you react to the photo you want to send in messages. It works through artificial intelligence, which allows you to recognize a picture, person or thing. After this, it turns into a Photomoji. Your creations are saved in a private tab so you can reuse them, while your friends can reuse the creations you post in group chats, and vice versa.

– Improving sound moods and sound:

With the Voice Moods application, you can send a voice message that contains emoticons that describe your mood. For example, if you’re filming a video where you’re laughing, choose a laughing mood. This way, your interviewer gets a visual of your feelings. There are 9 of them in total.

The sound quality of voice messages has also been improved. The bit rate and sample rate have been increased to make it look sharper.

– Display effects:

Screen effects create animations in chat. If you type “I love you”, a heart will appear and the background of the conversation will turn blue as hearts sprout and a white dove crosses the screen. There are 15 influencers in total, although they are currently hidden, but it is up to the users to find them.

– Customizable conversations:

Google Messages allows you to customize your conversations. You can choose a background color and text bubbles for each conversation to make each one different.

– Reactions with effects:

Like WhatsApp, Google’s app also lets you reply to messages with emoticons. Some trigger effects in chat. For example, if you select a like, the likes are called a trio.

– Animated emojis:

When you send a message consisting only of emoji, the emoji will not remain static, but will have an animation. In the case of a glowing heart, the heart beats and the glow flickers.

– Personal files:

Google Messages has integrated profiles that make it easier to identify the people you interact with. That way, you’re not relying on adding someone to recognize them. In the profile, you can choose your name and user picture.

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