Good news… Windows lets you use your Android phone’s camera as your computer’s camera

Compatibility between Windows and Android has been a priority for Microsoft for some time Phone link tool His is a clear example of this. This has become an effective bridge between the two ecosystems so that users can use them in a common way. Now there’s a new feature on the horizon: the ability to stream your Android phone’s camera directly to your computer.

The idea of ​​using a smartphone as a computer webcam has been on users’ minds for a long time, but it became even more important during the last pandemic – when this type of device was more than obvious in homes. Despite the decrease in demand, some companies have found solutions. For example, not long ago, Apple allowed the use of the iPhone as a webcam in macOS.

Microsoft now appears to be defending this option. As you have noticed Android AuthorityThe latest update to the phone link contains code that indicates that users will be able to use the Android phone’s camera on Windows in the near future. Specifically, a notification appeared that stated, “Click this notification to allow your computer to stream video from your camera.”

Also found were strings of text related to pausing and resuming that video, as well as additional options to tell if the phone was too hot to send. So it looks like the work on this feature is well advanced and it will be released soon.

We don’t yet know when this feature will debut, but it seems plausible that it will arrive early next year with an update to the app we talked about (Phone link).

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