You can now play games on YouTube… Learn more in the new YouTube Playables section

Who among us hasn’t logged into YouTube in the past to watch game commercials, gameplay, live streams, or even watch a walkthrough to get out of the level we got stuck in? We’ve all done some of these things, but what if we told you that you can now play games on YouTube?

We’re not crazy and we’re not making anything up, but it’s the truth. YouTube is testing mini-games on its platform, a new experience that will attract more users.

YouTube Playables could take the baton from Google’s shuttered Google Stadia, although it’s pretty basic right now.

Despite Google’s huge setback with Stadia, the company seems to want to stay relevant in the world of video games. It makes perfect sense because this industry is much bigger than music and film, so it makes very good profits.

But if Stadia goes away, what is Google thinking now? At the end of June, we learned that YouTube was going to offer cloud gaming, but it was a small rumor that we didn’t know much about.

However, this rumor turns out to be true, as video games are coming directly to YouTube, the most important multimedia platform. How? Through the new “Playable Games” section, which includes some games that you can try on the mobile app and on PC.

So far, all of the games in this section are fairly simple mini-games, although YouTube will surely aim to include more quality games in the future.

The new gaming section of YouTube is currently not available to everyone. What does this mean ? It is a function that is only available to certain (somewhat random) users. Also, it turns out that YouTube experiences aren’t features that will necessarily be rolled out later. This means that Google could easily use the experiment to test the waters and then throw it away because it didn’t work without an official release.

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