Now you can play FIFA 23 on your mobile without internet. Download the link

There is no doubt that FIFA Mobile is one of the best football games for mobile phones. However, many users prefer to download other options on their Android device for a simple reason: FIFA Mobile requires a constant internet connection to run.

If you are a fan of FIFA Mobile and don’t want to try another soccer game, you should know that this game can be enjoyed offline. How? The modified version of FIFA Mobile allows you to play offline. Next we will tell you how to download this MOD on your mobile phone.

FIFA Mobile has a large online community that develops very interesting MODs like this one. This is the version of the latest FIFA mobile version that can be played offline. In addition, it comes with updated models and outfits for the World Cup teams.

Similarly, information on all clubs in the main football leagues has also been updated: for example, the English Premier League, the Spanish league, the German league, the Italian league, the Argentine Primera Division, the Brazilian championship. And because it couldn’t be missing, the soundtrack, balls, stadiums and more have been redone.

If you want to start testing this version of FIFA 23 to play offline, all you have to do is press the download button that we leave below. By doing this, you will be directed to a website where you will find everything you need to install this version on your Android device. It has three files (APK, Data and OBB). Of course you install the APK file and put the Data and OBB files in its path. For example, for OBB, you click on your phone’s private memory and then look for the android folder.

Once you find it, find the obb file, open it and then put it in it OBB file After dismantling it

After extracting it, you place the DATA file you downloaded into the DATA folder shown in the image above.

– Link: APK And Data And OBB

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