WhatsApp announces the possibility to hide your chats with a secret code

It’s been several months since Meta announced the ability to lock chats on WhatsApp using a fingerprint. Available on iOS and Android, this feature aims to add an extra layer of security to app chats, preventing third parties from accessing your messages.

Now the company wanted to go a step further by improving the security of conversations with a new feature. And like WhatsApp announced itself on its blogStarting today, it’s possible to create a more secure password to protect and lock your chats.

In a statement reporting the arrival of this feature, WhatsApp explains that the function announced today allows the creation of a more secure unlock code to access WhatsApp conversations that the user wants to keep safe from the biggest gossip. . This code is different from the code used to unlock the mobile phone and can contain letters, numbers or even emojis available on WhatsApp.

This way, in the event that we share the mobile phone with someone else or in situations where we lend an unlocked mobile phone to a friend or family member, they will not have the opportunity to read the content of the conversations, because the selected chats will remain hidden until the user enters the PIN code in the application’s search bar.

You can hide and lock a chat by long-pressing it and selecting the Lock chat option from the dots at the top of the app. If no passcode has been set, a page will appear where you can enter the passcode.

This new WhatsApp chat lock feature will soon be available to all users of the messaging app. Users are encouraged to keep the app updated to the latest version so that they always get the latest features.

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