Add a mute button to your computer keyboard, even if you don’t have one

Most keyboards have a quick hotkey to turn on or mute the sound, whether on a laptop or desktop computer, but some don’t have this button to mute the sound and you have to work normally with the mouse and press the sound icon on the taskbar, but thank goodness there is an easy way to create a hotkey that leads to this task.

Download a simple NirCmd tool from NirSoft that allows us to perform useful tasks silently in the background via CMD and then extract the tool’s driver files to an easily accessible location. Then open this folder and type “cmd” in the address bar to open the command prompt directly inside the tools folder as shown

When you want to mute the sound on your computer, you just need to press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + M to activate the mute mode immediately and to unmute the sound press Ctrl + Shift + U. This is the first way because NirCmd allows another method which is

To create a hotkey that mutes and plays a sound, run the following command:

nircmd.exe cmdshortcutkey “~%folder.desktop%” “Mute/Unmute”CTRL+SHIFT+S“mute mode 2

Now press the keys Ctrl + Shift + S You can mute or play the sound together with the keyboard. You can define any shortcut you want, these buttons are not needed, and you can make changes to the shortcut by clicking on the icon and selecting Properties. In the window and in the Hotkey field, click the group of keys that you want to use to perform the shortcut.

– a tool NirCmd

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