Install this extension on Google Chrome to prevent fraud and theft

You can prevent scams on the Internet with a very useful Google Chrome extension that helps you surf the web more safely and warns you in cases where you might encounter a fraudulent or dangerous website and even suspicious signs.

Sometimes you may not be sure if a certain website is real or fake just because it looks so much like the original that it is hard to tell if it is a scam or not. Even professional people sometimes find it difficult to recognize if a website is genuine and safe.

Many of these scams, most commonly perpetrated on bank websites such as Paypal, use cybercriminals to literally stalk a community website to steal information from users.

Fortunately, when you don’t have the keys to identify if a website is a scam and dangerous, there are extensions for Google Chrome that can help you be aware of all this. The extension we are talking about is called Web Extension.

Available for Chrome and Edge, this extension can be installed on both browsers and helps you shop online more securely, prevent scams, avoid browsing adult or dangerous sites, and in short, browse safe and reliable websites.

Paranoid Web Extension will alert you when you are using a fraudulent and dangerous website, it is able to block various websites such as casinos and betting, and even those that offer adult content, fake online stores, suspicious sites, etc.

The most interesting thing about this extension is that it hardly consumes resources, so you won’t notice an increase in browser consumption when it’s in use. Once you set certain parameters, if you like, its operation is invisible and you hardly notice its presence.

Now that scams are flourishing and becoming more sophisticated and intelligent to avoid detection, extensions such as Paranoid Web Extension available for Google Chrome will help you make your Internet browsing more secure. Install it and let it run on its own and it will sound the alarm.

– Link: Paranoid Web Plugin

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