A recorded video clip of the highly anticipated GTA 6 has been leaked

A short alleged leaked video of Grand Theft Auto 6 has surfaced online, captured on a computer screen and showing some details about the next game in the Rockstar Games saga.

And it seems that this is not a trailer or a fake video created by AI, someone decided to send a short video via TikTok where you can see the screen captured by a smartphone.

This person had leaked 6 seconds of gameplay of the new GTA game, although it’s low quality and has little discernible detail; Look:

The snippet shows the Grand Theft Auto 6 map, but in poor quality. Therefore, his drawings cannot be appreciated; Although everything looks very interesting.

There are already people online comparing some of the buildings in the game to those leaked from last September, and they appear to be identical, although the best part is that there are new buildings that we haven’t seen before. But it goes further than that, as it seems that the leaker is the son of Aaron Garbutt, who is the Art Director of Rockstar Games.

Another interesting detail is that the GTA VI map is twice the size of Los Santos in GTA V, with 3 large cities and 4 small towns with a huge lake in the middle.

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