Reliable sources: GTA VI will be officially unveiled this week

Ten years after the release of the previous game in the saga, GTA VI is officially announced. This time, the information comes from unerring industry sources, reliable journalists who only confirm the news when they know it to be absolutely true. According to this information, GTA VI will be shown anytime this week.

One of the most authoritative figures in video game journalism is Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, an article in which he confirms information about GTA VI. Among other details, game development sources have confirmed that Rockstar will officially reveal the game this week, although its existence has long been an open secret.

There have been many rumors and leaks in recent months, but despite this, Rockstar has not officially shown the content. Now all those rumors are starting to take real shape, and millions of fans will be happy to finally see a new Grand Theft Auto game this week.

As for GTA VI leaks, the game is known to take place in Miami, unlike the Los Angeles-inspired GTA V. There is also talk that GTA VI will make a big graphical leap over Red Dead Redemption II, one of the most impressive games of recent years in this and in many other respects. So the roadmap indicates that GTA VI will be shown this week and that its first trailer will be seen at The Game Awards 2023.

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