Get ready… Samsung is getting ready to launch a free game service for its phones this week

After the demise of Google Stadia, the two big cloud gaming platforms are Xbox Game Pass and NVIDIA GeForce NOW, but we’re also seeing other companies that have nothing to do with video games, like Netflix, launch their own game streaming services. In fact, Netflix has now been available to some users in Canada and the UK since mid-August.

In this sense, the recent leak of the site shows The Verge Samsung may launch its own video game streaming service for Galaxy phones and tablets this week.

A recent report by the “Korea Economic Daily” confirmed that the Korean giant plans to unveil its video game streaming platform, which it calls “Galaxy Cloud,” at the “Samsung Developer Conference 2023” scheduled to be held in San Francisco. In North America on October 5.

According to the media above, Samsung’s cloud gaming service will be exclusive to the company’s smartphones and tablets, and its beta version is already being tested in the United States and Canada, with very positive responses from users.

The Korean giant confirmed that it will not charge any kind of subscription for this cloud gaming platform as its users only need to pay for the games they want to play and enjoy other video game streaming services within it.

This way, if you have a Samsung smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy a large number of both free and paid mobile games.

According to this report, Samsung decided to launch its own mobile gaming platform to mitigate the loss of revenue caused by the decline in mobile device sales, which according to analysts is down 6% compared to the previous year.

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