A new application has arrived on the Google Play service, where you can download paid applications for free and legally

With a large number of apps being added to the Google Play Store in real time, it’s easy to miss deals on paid apps or games that are available for free or discounts on paid versions. This is why it’s so helpful to have Play Deals where it’s easier to see all the available deals.

Play Deals is a new open source app with no ads and constantly updated. All offers and free apps that interest you are easily visible. This is not a standalone library or a library where you can download APK files. It just acts as a guide and when you want to download it will direct you to the Google Play Store.

Play Deals is one of those apps that’s hard to get lost in thanks to its intuitive interface. On the home screen itself, you can get the latest news about offers or apps available for free. Plus, it lets you filter your search based on what you need and shows different categories at the top.

Browse your results to find paid apps that are currently discounted or free. As well as the time limit before the offers expire. Play Deals shows you in the same search how much you’ll save if you take advantage of a discount, or the value of an app before it becomes a free option.

It’s a really simple app and what makes it attractive is that it comes in two languages ​​(one is English, unfortunately no Arabic) and it also allows you to change the appearance of the app to dark or light mode. It can be found in the Google Play Store at this link: Play offers

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